The stationery Delfonics

The stationery Delfonics

The stationery of all the wishes

Dear readers,

Few years ago, before writing on a blog, I wrote all my stories on papers. A notebook, a pen and this last slipped on the sheet. Currently, I love to fill few pages with anecdotes. Sometimes, I take my former notebooks and I read some parts of them of my different travels. Some time ago by an autumnal evening a little bit cold, I took a box where I stored few of my notebooks. I took one of those, and it was the book about my travel in Japan. I started to read a part, on a stationery shop that I have discovered in the land of the Rising Sun: Delfonics.

Memories rekindled through the pages

I spent a part of my evening to read this notebook, in particular the section where I wrote about my afternoons at Delfonics escorted by my parents. I was touched to imagine me so young and full of wonder in this stationery which reminds me so good memories, a place where I browsed the shelves, finding each time an object more astonishing than the previous one.  So, I decided to search on internet pictures of this place. What a surprise for me when I realized that the city of Paris has recently welcomed the Japanese stationery, the place of all my thrills!

The next day, I pushed the door of the shop. I had the impression to be in Japan, years before and that, if I returned myself, I would see my parents looking for a pen or a notebook. I browsed the shelves, touching and observing the products. One hour later, I came out of the shop after offering me some books to remind me this period where I didn’t write on a blog yet.

I walked to the hotel Le Tourville, books under my arm. I thought about this period where my parents offered me the possibility to visit the land of the Rising-Sun. Autumn was coming in the city of lights, I felt the wind came up and the sun came to sleep, and I thought about my travels, my memories. To finish this article my dear readers, I offer you those words which came to my mind: To remember, this is to exist. 

See you soon!

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