The Petit Palais

The Petit Palais


Paris is a place of history. The City of Lights is rich in monuments, museums and historic buildings that make the capital unique and create the Parisian atmosphere that I love. The cultural diversity is fabulous and allows us to learn new things all the time. We often say that Paris is a "museum city", in fact, there are 206, a quite simply impressive number!

Of course, there are the unmissable such as the Louvre, the Orsay museum and the Centre Pompidou. But personally, I am more interested by small museums that often go unnoticed but their beauty just needs to be discovered. I have therefore decided today to write a few words about the Petit Palais museum, a magnificent cultural sitting that is usually eclipsed by its neighbour the Grand Palais.


Beyond the simple museum, the Petit Palais is a true place of history. Built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, it perfectly reflects French Arts between mouldings, murals paintings and domes, the museum is an architectural feat that will leave you with magical memories. The setting is perfectly exploited.  It is now the Museum of Beaux – Arts in Paris and hosts masterpieces of French painting. Temporary exhibitions are also scheduled there, such as the Romantic Paris exhibition currently in progress, which I had the chance to visit last week and for me, it’s one of the unmissable events of this summer.

In addition to these cultural events, the Petit Palais also offers other surprises. A gastronomique restaurant, a bookshop, an auditorium and a magnificent garden perfect for relaxing after visiting the place. The Petit-Palais is therefore an unusual address that combines culture and relaxation that I recommend to all travellers looking for intimate sittings to spend a perfect Parisian day.

"Love, culture and museum"