The Paris Book Fair 2017

Writing is freedom

My dear readers,

Writing is freedom, emancipation, power and intimacy, love and hatred, escapism and punishment.

In itself, writing is a paradox and I try today to speak about it with all my heart, to prove you that love always leaded my life and was the source of my success.

Love gave me victory, about recognition, creativity! But this research and this need espacially gave me what I have ever dream about: Elena, without who I would never be the same so much love we share permit us to raise up to the level we have already dreamed off.

Livre Paris

France. Which country better represent literature than this one ? Until Middle Ages, we founded all the the most famous writers of the world coming here to get the inspiration in its cities and participate to the creation of one of the most ancient art.

Books as « Perceval, the Story of the Grail » or « The Story of Lancelot » written a millenium ago, are nowadays still part of the literary folklore and still read by books lovers, and more over by many children at school.

And what about the Pléiade’s poets? Rabelais’s novels? Molière plays? From the style mix of Corneille and Racine? From the Enlightenment?

It’s this tradition and this history that we will able to find back at the Fair Livre Paris, the biggest event dedicated to books that takes place from 24 to 27 march 2017 for the 37th edition. We will meet more than 3000 writters of all genders and all styles. The Paris Book Fair is so for me, the opportunity to notice that still nowadays, grand artists and writers are keeping on producing in hope to participate to the creation of a better world.

My dear readers, don’t forget that writting is spirit, and as long as artists will use their tools, chances of peace will be inifinite.

See you soon!

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