The French Academy

The French language

My dear readers,

What language is more romantic and poetic than the French language?

I am often amazed at the pride and amusement that some of my American, European or Asian friends feel in saying a simple as « bonjour », « merci », « au revoir » or « je t’aime ».

Our language is one of the symbols of our culture and contributes greatly to the international image of France.

I therefore thank all the great authors who have been able to sublimate them by their writings, as well as all the institutions whose vocation is to improve our way of normalizing and perfecting our way of writing and speaking.

I am thinking in particular of the French Academy or the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres.

Even if I do not always agree with them, I think for example the spelling reform in 2016, their work is necessary and indispensable to make our language evolve with its time.

The French Academy

Today, unfortunately, we can see a certain impoverishment of French, of its speech and of its writing.

Just look at how young and old write under the influence of social networks and new ways of communication that push us every day to live faster and faster and degrade our magnificent language.

We no longer know how to write, read or speak correctly, and this tendency is gradually spreading. Rather than trying to reform our system of learning grammar or vocabulary (which remains the most perfectible) our literary intellectuals decide to simplify certain rules which ultimately ruin our language and paradoxically make it more complex with errors these changes.

My dear readers, Marie Darrieussecq, a famous French writer, wrote for the Inrockuptibles that « All writing is political, since all writing is a vision of the world. »

So if Monsieur Inwood conveys his ideas, the only policy he follows is the one of making you share the love he feels for Elena, Paris and the French Art of living.

See you soon!

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