The children's book fair 2016

The children's book fair 2016


Dear readers,

I regularly meet my friends for a good meal. During those nights, we like to have long conversations and at the turning of one of those, a friend told me about the Children's book fair 2016 that will take place from the 30th of Novembre till the 5th of December at Montreuil. I explained that I had recently rediscovered the world of comics at the Hergé’s exhibition at the Grand Palais, but my friend had awakened in me a new interest in children’s literature. I wanted now to meet its new forms, its themes and the new currents.

Our childhood dreams

Throughout our discussion, I was immersed in my childhood memories. I could saw again, enjoy this simple pleasure to read a book and discovering a magical and wonderful world. A real source of inspiration that has shape and mold my imagination. I still remember those cosy evenings when my mother read me stories that would rock my nights of dreams.

Times goes byt the memories remain and for my part, I will never forget the dreams that have rocked my nights. Youth dreams full of hope that always have the same goals : find happiness, agree with the person we want to become and share good times with people we love. At the end, the dream of a life wouldn’t be this ?

I leave you my dear readers ponder on this quote : « Take time to dream… And if your dreams are not realized, they still have to be beautiful ! »

See you soon !

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