Style and Writing

To each his own style

Dear readers,

I was often asked why I keep writing articles on paper now that computers are available almost everywhere and that it is easier and quicker to write on them.

Of course, a few reasons pop up in my mind.

First, I do it by force of habit. I have started very young to draft different types of texts on paper and this writing remains natural for me. It is more spontaneous and well thought out. It is easier for me to find inspiration in front of a sheet of paper than in front of a screen.

Inspiration increases on paper, because I can cross out, modify, notice, draw, sketch as I want it: this is particularly what leads me to say that writing makes live the sheet of paper.

Then, there is the question of storage. My writings will always be better conserved and secured in the place where I keep them rather than on a computer.

The Art of Writing

I have always admired beautiful handwritings. Most of women’s handwritings are fascinating and makes us read with even more passion their texts. Elena is the perfect example, her writing is heavenly; I love to admire her while writing a letter with grace meticulousness.

The style and the manner of writing is also extremely interesting. You can ask to graphologists, they are able to discover the personality of a person, even their mood swings, just by reading a written text.

Moreover, I have practiced calligraphy for a while, in order to be able to master different styles of handwriting and add quality to mine. I think it is a shame that we do not insist enough to our children so that they can write with class and mastery. And above all, everything is written on the phones or on computers…

Dear readers, René Etiemble, a French novelist and essay writer, offered us a quote whose ideas I entirely share: “We cannot give up on writing, simply because in all the great civilizations, writing is linked to calligraphy, which is to say to Beauty”.

See you soon!


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