Romantiscism through time  

Have you ever heard about romanticism? Obviously yes, it is a literary but also a painting movement.

Romanticism is an expression of the feeling, of passion which is always stronger than the reason. Characters from romantic novels are tortured persons, some persons that love consumes. Romanticism is based on aesthetic values, in literature it is the growth of a new sensibility transposed by the writer. For me, I think that some romantic papers are a little “too much”, but I think that it is because I don’t have the necessary sensibility to express my feelings. But this is not the case of Monsieur Inwood...


My romantic man

This morning I opened my eyes in panic because I thought that my alarm clock did not ring. A moment later, I realized that it was Saturday. It was 10 AM when I finished getting ready, so I went to the living room of the Tourville’s suite, ready to write a new article when I had a surprise. On the low table, where was disposed my mails, a lilac envelope attracted my attention. By reading and discovering its content I was very moved. In my entire life, no one ever wrote something that beautiful for me. Monsieur Inwood wrote me a handmade letter in which he was describing our story as a romantic writer. It was as if I could feel all the emotions he wrote while reading. Words have power that we don’t suspect.

See you soon!



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