Robert Doisneau

Elegance and refinement

Paris, this city that I love so much!

More than a city, it is a real symbol. Paris city of fashion, love, writing. Paris and its beautiful buildings, its unusual places, its small bistro. Paris a landmark for people looking for elegance and refinement.

Your monuments, your places steeped in history, your effervescence and the elegance of your Parisian are a dream for travelers from around the world.

The image of the Parisian chic and elegant continues for years and inspires the greatest artists.

The Photographer Robert Doisneau has given us beautiful photographs of Parisians and the city of light!

Paris Immortal

Robert Doisneau is one of the best-known French photographers abroad thanks to his photo The Kiss of City Hall. Taken in 1950 next to the city hall of Paris, the black and white photography depicts a man and a woman kissing while walking on a sidewalk cluttered with passersby, in front of a café terrace.

I think this photograph represents exactly Parisian life. It shows the Parisian romanticism but also the tumult of the capital!

This cliché, dear readers, found itself at the heart of many disputes and the most resounding of them was the trial of 1992. The couple Lavergne claimed to be the lovers of the photography and claimed 500 000 francs to the author for violation of privacy. Yet, the Kiss of City Hall is a staging perfectly orchestrated by Robert Doisneau with two protagonists, students in theater!

The photographer has immortalized many kisses through dozens of less well-known photos! After the terrible Second World War, he gave back the balm he wrote to the French population.

My dear readers, Ansels Adams, famous American photographer, said: "It is not a question of transmitting a vision, but of touching people through an image".

See you soon!

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