Paris City of Light

The Lights

My dear readers,

Paris, City of Light. Everybody to its nickname, more than deserve, even if I don’t think that it is the most luminous city on Earth. To discover the origin of this nickname, we have to go back at the 17th century and the Louis VIX reign, who, to struggle against criminality growing up at this time, made installed lantern and torches in all street corners. Moreover, he ask to all inhabitants to place a candle in front of their window during the night to avoid the dark places.

Although, the strangers who came in Paris named her the City of Light. But for me, this nickname is more than a simple anecdote. We find several aspects in Paris that make us think that the City of Light is not named for that simply because of a criminal story which took place 400 years ago.

Attention to detail

Firstly, it is not a classical thing, the Eiffel Tower which enlighten the city and France, symbol of our capital which, even if she could not sum up all our country history, stay a national and international symbol.

Then, there is the famous Age of Enlightenment, which will wear its name, and permitted to Paris to become the city of literature and philosophy. We gave this name because of a group of thinkers who had the intellectual light, and made evaluate the thinking and conscience about many subjects. They participated a lot at the evolution of the society.

More, there is the internationally recognized college, museums, libraries, parks, different architectural types, all types of spectacle, cafés and restaurant, hotels and palaces…

So much Art is obligated to enlighten life by its beauty, and if Paris is Paris on the touristic plan, it do not deserve it because of an assembly of details, but a real link, concrete and inseparable between everything doing of Paris, Paris.

My dear readers, never stop to discover Paris.

See you soon!

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