Paris and poets

Paris and poets


Paris is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists. Paris is magical and has been dreaming forever. Its streets, its passages, its monuments, its culture ... Each district is unique!

In Paris, there is a warm and festive atmosphere that continues to inspire the greatest artists. The capital is a real museum for painters, writers and poets.

Many poets have dedicated their works to the City of Light. Verlaine, Victor Hugo, Prévert were quick to put into words the link they had with the city. These poets gave life to Paris!

Paris the romantic, has conquered the hearts of poets. Many places have allowed his writers to meet.


I like going to Parisian cafes to write. I sit down at a table in a quiet corner and then I watch the comings and goings, the Parisian hubbub and that inspires me.

Imagine great writers sitting in the same place as me gives me courage and it is at this moment that my ideas are let go! Rousseau, Sartre, Hemingway or Picasso met in his Parisian bistros to discuss and debate. Paris inspired them and inspires us again!

I leave you, my dear readers, with this quote from Victor Hugo that I really like: "Breathe Paris, it keeps the soul".

"Love, Art and Allure"