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Originality and spontaneity

My dear readers,

In order to find new sources of inspiration, Elena is often brought to travel, this time she will flies to New York.

I will not denigrate the chance that we have to converse thanks to technological gadgets and other social networks however, I wish to make our exchanges more personal and more fun. In a previous article, I had already confessed to you my passion for calligraphy and writing this time, I wanted to go further.

Elena was gone to New York and returned within ten days to the city of lights, time pressed, I had only the dream to surprise her. It was by entering the Hotel Le Tourville that inspiration appeared to me. I did not want to write him a poem of love, too cliché regarding the relationship that we got. I decided to play the card of originality. A single letter was not enough, I drew a map of the big apple.

Having lived several years in the city that never sleeps, I wanted her to discover my vision of New York, « my » New York. I then selected addresses of the places and restaurants that I had visited and which had sublimated my experience in the heart of the most famous city of the eastern part of United States.

A delicate attention

Luckily, I knew her schedule and I knew she wouldn’t have a lot of time for her. So I began to make sketches of the ideal day, making her cross the neighborhoods of Soho, Nolita and Tribeca, enjoying a latte between the 5th Avenue and the 34th Street at Stumptown coffee and finally admire the view from the Gantry Parks in the heart of Queens.

With overwhelming enthusiasm, I felt like a childhood with every pencil, remembering the same passion who carried away when I was a child me when I colorized small. After a night of work, I was tired to attack the day, however I was excited when she received this simple piece of paper. I left Le Tourville with a smile on my lips, a sense of duty accomplished. 

Today, everything has a value, everything has a price, the more we buy shows more we care and how much he counts for us. I like to get out of this spiral and think that the gifts made with the heart prove the attention we get for the person.

I wish you dear readers a delightful day, quoting Jacques Salomé « Life is full of surprise and repetition, dare surprises to avoid rehearsals »

See you soon!

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