My passion for writing

My passion for writing

Back to childhood

Dear readers,

I am saddened to see that today smartphones, tablets and computers replace the elegance offered by the fine calligraphy of a pen on a sheet of paper. For my thirteenth birthday, my parents gave me one of the most special gift. Impatiently, I tore the package and I was beautifully disappointed by what he revealed. Hidden in the wrapping paper was hiding a simple, small and black notebook and a silver color pen engraved with my name. I then looked at my father and asked him if it was a joke. He laughed and said mockingly that would be the only gifts I would receive this year. Having had the habit of being excessively spoiled, this new hardly pleases me and I decided to leave the show to reach my room.

My pen and my notebook

Then, I began to wonder about the utility that could have this book. Although I was young, I had a passion for every new book that I devoured. Victor Hugo, Albert Camus, Arthur Rimbaud and Marcel Proust, all inspired me, I realized at the time that I had never associated my own ideas to my pen except when it was dictated by a teacher. At that moment, I decided to write for me. At first, it seemed ridiculous. I began to describe who I was, and then came the moment when I describe my family, my friends and my own passions. Sometimes I invent from scratch stories or poems. Finally, everything around me became a source of inspiration to fill the pages of this little book.

It was difficult to associate words with ideas, transcribe perfectly what I felt. It was hard for me to express myself, to tell my "adventures" and in a way to share my secrets. This is when the last page of scribbled notebook that I realized how it marked a real snap in my youth. I spent my thirteenth year writing and it allowed me to travel.

The year after, I asked nothing for my birthday just a book. At the same moment I saw a tear on the cheek of my father and I asked him why he was crying ? He replied that he was glad to see that I was delighted to receive a single book for my birthday. For my anniversary, every year my parents bought me a new book, and it remains the most beautiful trips that my mind can do.

See you soon !

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