Métronome by Lorant Deutsch

The history of France to the rhythm of the Parisian metro

My dear readers,

I always have few metros late, I recently finished to read the book written by the French actor Lorant Deutsch titled Metronome.

This book has emulated famous historians who described it as popularizing history. Personally, for the history enthusiast that  I am, I was happy to read for the first time a book that traces our past in a modern way. I am also admiring the author's inspiration for introducing us the city of Paris, an inspiration that none of the historians had but allow to criticize the authors by their illustrious « wisdom ».

The author had the excellent idea to use the Paris that we know to present the Paris of yesteryear. It is thanks to the metro stations that the author transports us in the History of Paris and more widely in the History of France. Parisians like to claim that France is Paris, I do not share this point of view because I admire the wealth that each region has. However, it is not negligible to say that the destinies of France and Paris have long been intermingled.

The Paris of yesteryear

The work begins with the Gauls who were the first to establish themselves on the banks of the Seine until today. I would not go into the details, I would much rather have a look for this book. It is in his own way that Lorant Deutsch invites the reader to discover the vestiges of the history of Paris such as cathedrals and churches or other cobbled streets which constitute the last testimonies of a this historical episodes. We  follow him, in the streets of Paris in search of the remains of the ramparts built at the time of Philippe-Auguste or a restaurant where the last dungeon of the Bastille still stands for example.

Metronome is also a tribute to the Parisian people who survive through the ages to the invaders and has shown a well tempered character all over the centuries.

If the book is pleasant to read for someone who is interested in history, it should be even more interesting for someone who knows Paris very well and who situates the various places mentioned in Metronome. Although this book has been contested, I strongly recommend it, the passion for history and Paris of Lorant Deutsch is communicative and its book is a great pleasure to read.

I wish you a delightful evening, dear readers, by quoting you Frédéric Dard « Paris will always be Paris. What do you want me to do? »

See you soon!

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