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Library and building

My dear readers,

You know my attachment to France and its wonders. We are lucky enough to live and represent each day a magnificent and major country in history, be it in war and conquest, but above all in Art and culture.

Our predecessors have succeeded in raising fields such as philosophy, literature, painting, sculpture or gastronomy to their highest level, accompanied and taken up by all the countries of the world.

One of the places that demontrates it well in the eyes of all is in Paris, spread over several sites: the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, a symbol of the gigantic place of literature in our history, art and culture. The number of authors worldwide recognized for centuries is proof of this.

The BNF is spread over 7 sites. One of the most emblematic is the Tolbiac site in the 13th arrondissement, which includes 4 towers (Tower of Times, Laws, Number and Letters) and tens of thousands of works, manuscripts, drawings and more.

Magical ballad

On all these sites there are royal collections built since the Middle Ages, now owned by the State, making the BNF one of the most important libraries in the world. Collections of Art of the Spectacle, tales and plans, prints and photographs, manuscripts, coins and medals, music and archives allow us to find a wide and exciting scope of work.

That is why for many years I spent a great deal of my time researching or satisfying my insatiable curiosity.

Moreover, the simple visit of these places is a unique and enriching experience as the beauty, the atmosphere and the magic of these places enchant you in a ballad nourishing body and spirit.

My dear readers, Dwight Eisenhower, former President of the United States, gave us a message that I also wanted to convey to you « Do not join those who burn books, do not be afraid to go to a library and read all the books. » I would like to have enough life to read all those of the BNF...

See you soon!



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