My dear readers,

Let me tell you about a party that I enjoy celebrating, Halloween. It is an ideal celebration to find, for the time of one evening, its child's soul.

Halloween is an ode to autumn, the leaves turn orange, red, yellow, the weather is still sweet...

Did you know, my dear readers that this festival originated in the Anglo-Celtic Islands? Born about 3000 years ago, the festival of Irish origin celebrated the New Year of the Celts. Their lunar calendar ending not December 31, but October 31! This last night of the year, formerly called Samhain's Feast, was also intended to create a bridge between the two worlds, that of the living and the dead.

You should know, my dear readers that the etymology of the word «Halloween» comes from the contraction of the English All Hallows Eve which means the eve of All Saints‘Day. Either "The vigil of the day of the Saints"!


A few years ago, I had the chance to celebrate Halloween in the United States. We discovered with Mlle Inwood, a real institution. The shops were filled with disguises of all kinds and treats all more appetizing than each other ... The houses were adorned with decorations both fun and dark. The children invaded the streets of their neighbourhood with their most beautiful costumes.

In New York, on the evening of October 31, we attended a huge parade on 6th Avenue! It was a tasty experience, there is something for all ages and all tastes, Americans who have kept their childhood souls lend themselves almost all to the game with great enthusiasm!

I invite you, my dear readers to celebrate Halloween surrounded by your friends or your family, it's a great opportunity to meet together and share moments of happiness!

See you soon!