Froth on the Daydream

The artist and his masterpiece

Dear readers,

In each sector of Art, there are pieces that leave their marks on us more than others; and if it exists a novel that resonate in me, it will be Forth on the Daydream written by Boris Vian.

First of all, for the flexibility and the sensibility of the author for his race against time. This one brings him to work more intensely his written vocation.

The title is the proof, he wrote it within a year and became the faster written novel of the post-war period. Even if the novel didn’t get a huge success when it was published –Boris Vian secretly wishes for the Pléiade price-  the novel was characterize as a classic since 1960 and today it is considered as the one of the best creation of all times.

Love and disease

This touching and heart-rending story is an homage to his first wife, and I admit that I wish I can do the same thing to my dear Elena.

Froth on the Daydream traces 3 love stories which two are ending tragically. And it makes this drama a touching story about love, health, work and dead. The variety of the subjects allows me to read this book as a masterpiece which is an integral part of my life since the day I ended the novel for the first time.

I don’t think that I am the only one in this situation, because the novel is a source of inspiration for a lot of artists. It gives birth to an opera, films, representations, play but also rock and jazz music. They both are paying tribute to the novel and its author.

Dear readers, I’ll simply give you a quote from Boris Vian, which can turn on a humanist: “What I’m interested in is not human fulfilment but everybody’s own fulfilment”.

See you soon!

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