Exhibition the Library at Night

Childhood and books

My dear readers,

Since my childhood there is a place which always fascinated and intrigued me: libraries. It was by admiring the one of my father, where modern and older books were mingled, that this piece began to impress me.

Sometimes, I spent all my afternoon to observe this books, then took one and read it wisely, steeping myself in this stories which inspired my dreams and ambitions. As an adult, I was naturally sucked into libraries where I spent most of my free time studying and carrying out research that prompted me to grow and evolve in this way.

Just experience the atmosphere of the Richelieu site of the National Library of France or the library of Sainte-Geneviève to understand what I feel. 

Afterwards, it was during my travels that I was able to prolong this passion for literature, the libraries becoming a privileged attraction, even indispensable according to the destinations I was visiting.

Virtual reality

Thus, I am enthusiastic and very impatient to participate to the exhibition « The Library at Night: Virtual reality immersion into mythic libraries » which will enable us to visit with 3D masks libraries-real or imaginary - the most mythical in the world, such as those in Sarajevo, Mexico City, or Cairo.

Virtual reality is an innovation that is already disrupting the technological, cultural and artistic landscape, and I spoke at length with a friend who reproduced monuments and missing archaeological sites such as the Palmyra Theater in Syria. From there one can imagine one day visiting the Gardens of Babylon or Atlantis, there is only one step ...

Libraries remain, for me, a place of life apart, or the silence is as penetrating as the ebullition of the spirits which agitate the room.

My dear readers, Jacques Sternberg, a French writer, said that "a library is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world" I agree perfectly with it...

See you soon!

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