Emile Zola

A great writer

My dear readers,

There is some names that made a mark on history much more than others.

After I spoke last time about Paul Cézanne, I wanted to share to you my passion for one of his best friend ; Emile Zola, so much his works was complete and his labour inspired generations that followed him, me either…

Considered as one of the leader of naturalism –first current to introduce the social sciences in literature- he did of his life a devotion to this art, a vocation of writing who let an unchanging trace in all its fields.

This man could write anything: books, literary and artistic criticisms, poems, theatre piece, news, short stories… The scope of his work reflect perfectly the vastness of its talent. He knew, thanks to work, how to make evolve an entire society, having an impressive influence on some political and social cases of the country.

Work above all

If this idea came in my mind to speak to you with so much enthusiasm about Emile Zola, it is become some days ago, an anecdote with Elena made me think of this writer.

As I was writing one of my articles, she interrupted me –with all her grace and her natural tenderness- during my work: “How do you do to stay sit on your chair all day long, so concentrated that you forget to drink and eat?” She asked me.

It is true that I did not see the time past… On the moment, I did not know how to respond, I even think she was not expecting an answer…

Then, thinking of it again, I understood that this habit come from the similarities between my methods of work and the ones from Emile Zola: before writing, comes a personal reflexion logical and resonated, then, emotional and then, we do a lot of documentary research on all the subjects we are writing on and finally, we do our best to live and do the things we are telling or writing. We jump in a universe that makes us forget all hereditary or temporal notion.

My dear readers, Emile said that “the writer is made of an observer and an investigator” how could I contradict him?

See you soon!

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