Creations and know-how exhibition 2018

Creations and know-how exhibition 2018


My dear readers,

Let me tell you about an exhibition that I particularly like, the inevitable DIY 2018! The event will be held at Porte de Versailles, from November 28 to December 2, 2018. You will be able, my kind readers, to impregnate you with the latest trends, to fill up on ideas and to find new equipment!

Do you know the trend of DIY or Do It Yourself? This name, whose literal translation would be "Make it yourself", refers to activities designed to create objects of everyday life in a traditional way.

The DIY allows some satisfaction, the satisfaction of doing it by oneself. What we create ourselves adds, moreover, a personal and original touch to our creations!


I discovered last year, the Fluid Art. The technique combines acrylic paint with smoothing medium and silicone oil.

Without even using a brush, this original technique makes it possible to create random flows, accumulations of cells, colored scales...

The final result is surprising and very abstract! If you like contemporary art, you will not be disappointed by these creations!

I particularly like abstract art because the work can be interpreted in different ways. Abstract art is a real artistic process. There is a certain beauty in the simplest abstraction.

See you soon!