Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

There are experiences that mark us more than others. You may not know that, but after I finished my studies, I felt the need to escape, to discover other things and, above all, to rediscover myself, going on adventure and seeking to push back my limits.

After living in the South of France and Paris, I wanted to live a surprising and exotic adventure!

So I looked for some time to be sure that the destination I chose would be perfect and in line with my aspirations.

I also wanted a calm rhythm of life, being surrounded by warm people in a natural and diverse setting.

Have you ever wondered if there was a place on Earth that would be right for you? That’s the question I was asking myself at that time... And after doing a lot of research I finally found it!

Discovering Costa Rica

I left to live 6 months in Costa Rica. And what a magnificent country! It is a very green country, with on one side the Pacific Ocean and on the other the Caribbean Sea...

Then there are also parks, torrents and rivers, splendid fauna and flora, mountains and beautiful beaches... Accompanied by delicious foods and drinks, I let you imagine how much I enjoyed these few months...

But after a while, my friends, my family and Paris missed me... So I packed up and I came back here with a lot of energy and a new eye on my life and my city. I think this is the key to success...


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