Claude Monet Foundation

An artist's house

My dear readers,

Do you know the Claude Monet Foundation?

I invite you to discover, in Giverny, the house and the Garden of Claude Monet, these places that inspired his most beautiful paintings.

Claude Monet lived forty-three years in this house in Giverny. Passionate about gardening as much as about colours, he designed his flower garden and water garden as real works.

I had the opportunity to visit the Claude Monet’s house several times and I invite you to visit it my kind readers.

You will start the visit with the reading room named "Petit Salon Bleu". You will then enter the first studio of the artist, where he worked until 1899. You can admire some sixty paintings. You will then have the chance to discover its private apartments, its dining room, its kitchen ... You can finally walk in the alleys of the garden where you can borrow small wooden bridges and admire the wealth of flowers and plants of various varieties and colours. It is a beautiful garden and well maintained.

Claude Monet’s house is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. There is a peaceful atmosphere. The rooms are tastefully decorated and master paintings adorn the walls.

The room I prefer is the kitchen, very colourful and spacious. The garden is also amazing. One of the most beautiful gardens in France, to visit in spring, summer and autumn, as it is beautiful in any season. It is a fabulous painting, real and alive that gives the feeling of being in an impressionist painting.

An impressionist painter

Claude Monet is a French painter known for his contribution in the artistic movement called Impressionism. He was born in Paris on November 14, 1840 and spent his childhood in Normandy, in the city of Le Havre.

The Impression Soleil Levant painting will give its name to the Impressionism movement. This pictorial movement is particularly characterized by small paintings, visible brush strokes and the use of unusual angles of view.

I have always been fascinated by Claude Monet's paintings. I like the omnipresence of nature in these paintings as well as their colours. When I look at them, I feel like I live a beautiful summer day in the nature surrounded by flowers, plants of all varieties.

I particularly appreciate one of his paintings called "The Water Lily Pond, Green Harmony". With this painting, we float between sky and water in harmonies of pure colours, subtle shades of mauve and old rose which respond to green linden and mustard, splinters of melted gold.

Visit Giverny is ideal to discover the environment that has been such a great source of inspiration for the painter.

My kind readers, do not wait any longer to discover this pretty house of artist which will allow you to relax!

See you soon!

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