Christmas Tree

A strong tradition

My dear readers,

Happiness and gift, smiling children, snowy days, Christmas is coming!

This period of nostalgia is a time for sharing, a family tradition that reminds me my childhood. What I principally remember was an atmosphere created by warm lights contrasting with sparkling snow, the scent of fir-trees and the wax of candles.

During this time, I was living magical and unique moments. I use to go buying the most beautiful Christmas tree with my father at the Quai aux Fleurs market in Paris.

Our tree was decorated with a thousand colours, light, watching baubles and colourful garlands. The Christmas tree gave us a nice warm feeling in our house.

An historic origin

In the heart of our homes, in the middles of cities, the Christmas tree is certainly the symbol of these days of festivities. My dear readers, let me tell you about the origins of the Christmas tree.

Please, note that there are many legends associated with its origins. If one wants to recall its history, it is necessary to go up very far in time. Indeed, we were already talking about a tree between 2000 and 1200 BC. 

December 24th was recalled as the Renaissance day of sun, according to the Celtic lunar calendar. At that time, a tree was associated with each lunar month. Spruce was the tree of the 24th December, a symbol of life thanks to its green needles resistant to cold.

In the eleventh century, the Christmas Tree, decorated with red apples referring to Adam and Eve, symbolized the tree of paradise.

The custom appeared in Alsace around 1521 and the fir tree was christened for the first time "Arbre de Noël” or “Sapin de Noël” In the days before Christmas, from a traditional point of view, the fir branches were cut to decorate the festive tables. Thereafter, it was decorated with candles, paper roses, apples and even some biscuits.

Dear readers, keep in your mind that Christmas is one of those precious moments to forget the daily grind and to remember what is important in life, love and friendship.

See you soon ! 

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