Baudelaire exhibition at the museum of the romantics

Charles Baudelaire

My dear readers,

I have always considered that observation as a form of inner journey. It is surprising how, the interpretation and understanding that we can have of a work, evolves according to our age, our state of mind regarding period of our life that we go through and with which person who shares this moment.

These are the reasons that make me observe, it has always allowed me to transport myself or to push my reflection to its paroxysm. This does not mean that I have an accurate analysis. For my part, the word observing consists not only in looking with their eyes, but especially  opening its mind and above all understanding other person.

It is very difficult to transcribe the feelings, the emotions that invade us when we look to a work. Nevertheless, some have this ability to admire and by the elegance of their pen to express the thoughts that the author manifests through their work.

Charles Baudelaire was an author of the 19th century who understood the world in which he evolved and those of yesteryear pervading codes and manners of artists and from different period. His enchanting prose had this ability to carry us back in those times.

The museum of the romantics

From September 20th to January 27th at the Museum of Romantics, an exhibition revives the dialogue between the texts of the young poet and the legendary spleen and the works that he enjoyed to contemplate.

This museum offers to the visitor an opportunity to penetrate the main pages of salons from 1845 and 1846, which are a landmark in the history of art criticism.

In the presence of a hundred paintings, sculptures and prints evoked by Baudelaire, I confronted my own gaze with the artistic sensibility of the author of Les Fleurs du mal. The exhibition explored the artistic landscape of the 19 century by presenting painters who had succeeded to attract or irritate himp artists such as Delacroix, Ingres, Corot, Rousseau or Chassériau. This exhibition allowed me to discover the modernity that the poet forged against the new Paris and the artistic languages in formation, incarnated by the rising generation and the figure of Manet.

It is with the spirit of observation that I return to my room at the hotel Le Tourville, admiring by the pen of this tormented artist. I leave you with Marie Darrieussecq quote « All writing is political since all writing is a vision of the world ».

See you soon!

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