At the discovery of Monsieur Inwood and the Writer's Art of Living

At the discovery of Monsieur Inwood and the Writer's Art of Living

Monsieur Inwood 

Dear all Readers,

As I am writing those little notes, I can feel how deep is my emotion so I want to share with you this unique instant and to reveal you who I am.

As far I can remember I ‘ve always been close to words and as a Child I used to spend hours In the Library of my grandmother reading an old Apollinaire poem, or a French Literary’ s masterpiece as novels and tales of Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac.

Discovering the Art of Literature with its specific technicalities, the amazing language of French Literature made me addicted to words and fulfilled my imagination. Each design project realisations is in fact the story of my life that I try to write.

The Writer's Art of Living

When I came for the first time in the hotel Le Tourville, I found again a part of my literature’s spirit. I rest for hours in the Sainte Genevieve‘s majestic Library without touching anything. This Library is the symbol of French Art de Vivre and introduce you to the world of Literature. It is a unique experience each time I go there and I recommend you to have a seat in those comfy sofas.

Don’t forget: opening a book could unveil a secret message for yourself.

See You soon,

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