A hidden district, Butte Bergeyre

STROLL IN PARIS                                                                                               

For a few weeks now, a desire to stroll through the streets of Paris has been in my mind. As you all know, I have always loved walking in Paris, whether for shopping, in his gardens or to discover the unusual places of the capital, my walks always give me the same pleasure. I like to get lost in this beautiful city with his very special atmosphere. All the Parisian districts intrigue me and explore them in all their aspects fascinates me. It’s with this in mind that I look forward to spring, which is for me the best season when you live in the City of Light. It’s during this time of year that I like to stroll the most, the weather is ideal, it’s neither too hot nor too cold and the sun shines. So I started looking for my first spring excursion for this year 2019. After a few days of reflection, I finally found the ideal place, a district that I love, protected from tourists: the Butte Bergeyre.


This mound is one of the hills of Paris. It’s still unknown to tourists but also to Parisians themselves. Butte Bergeyre is a magnificent little village hidden in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. It’s composed only of a few small, typically Parisian streets perched at an altitude of 100 m. A space preserved from the hustle and bustle of the big city thanks to which you can enjoy a relaxing and original walk. One afternoon, where you'll be almost alone. A real luxury to discover a different Paris far from that of the great boulevards, the Marais and the world-famous historical monuments. The visit of this unusual district shows all that I appreciate about Paris and highlights in a unique way all the Parisian charm. Butte Bergeyre is therefore a district where time seems to have stopped and it’s essential to visit if you want to know Paris differently.

"Love, discovery and elegance"

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