This year, travertine is back in our interiors. With its raw look, imperfections and beautiful hue, this material has everything to charm.

Travertine is a totally durable material that has been used for centuries in building construction. Famous in antiquity, it was used in the construction of the Colosseum in Rome and other historic buildings in the city.

Often used as flooring, travertine is a beautiful alternative to marble. With its natural look and its many colors: white, yellow, gray, red or brown, this natural stone will fit perfectly into your home and offer charm and warmth to it. In addition, its irregularities will bring a raw and trendy look to your living rooms.

If this material is used so much, it is also for its practicality. Resistant to heat, water and humidity, it can be used in many forms: worktops, candleholders, vases and even as a table.


Known to be an excellent flooring material, travertine is now used as the main component for many decorative objects. To help you choose a travertine room, here are our favorite objects.

For an impressive travertine piece in your home, we recommend the NV Gallery round table, with its large steel base, it will look great in your dining room. If you are looking for a piece for your living room, a travertine coffee table will give a luxurious look. We recommend this one from Made in Design or the one from the collaboration between Alex Riviere and Westwing.

If you are looking for small and charming decorative objects, we can only advise you to buy a travertine vase. There are different colors: pink, white, gray ... Whether it is empty or full of flowers, a pretty travertine vase will perfectly dress the room in which it is located.

For a kitchen, travertine is the ideal material. You can use it as a floor covering or as a work surface. Our favorite piece: a large travertine sink for a kitchen with a natural and contemporary look.

Don't hesitate, opt for travertine decoration for a warm interior.

Photo credit : Talka