We are so happy to be able to see you again! In order to come back at the top of our form and for your pleasure, the entire team of the hotel Le Tourville is currently redoubling its efforts, dynamism and good mood in the preparations of this long-awaited re-opening.

Following this tough period for you, as for us, we wished to make all our possible to welcome you within our hotel and thus to make you live again your most beautiful moments among us.


This last period of lockdown was for us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and add arrows to our bow. As you probably already know, we give great importance to the French Arts de Vivre, and especially to the Art de Vivre of the Writer. Thus, since your last visit, we have developed the new Art of Welcoming you, a protocol of actions that are now part of our daily life.

- The Art of Training: our entire team is trained in the safety standards relating to the fight against the coronavirus and in the use of the various necessary equipment (masks, visors, gloves).

- The Art of Vigilance: a hygiene supervisor has been appointed within the hotel, who ensures that procedures are maintained.

- The Art of Respect: all the cleaning products used correspond to the EN 14476 standard

- The Art of Welcoming: each guest has a kit (gloves, hydroalcoholic gel) in their room.

We look forward to seeing you again, until then, we would be delighted to help you organize your next Parisian break.

See you soon at the hotel Le Tourville!