We are declaring plaid season...open! It's fall!

Need to warm up? Want to lounge on your couch in front of a good Netflix series?

Make yourself a nice hot chocolate and wrap yourself in a cozy plaid!

Plaid is considered the neighbor of the blanket these days. It was born and raised among the Highlanders. It is therefore of Scottish origin! It was in fact a travel blanket that was used to warm up during the trips in the country. It is inspired by the tartan. This last one allowed to distinguish the Scottish clans. But by what element? The famous checks that can be seen on the kilts.

But the plaid quickly crossed the borders and spread throughout the world. It has also been given new functions. 

Of course, plaid has always been used for warming purposes, especially when the cold weather arrives with the fall and winter seasons.

But it has also been developed in various fabrics and materials to allow it to serve as a decorative element. The house is a warm place where we like to be to relax. Thus, more and more houses are arranged with warm furniture and decorative elements to create a cozy and cocooning atmosphere. The plaid is thus an integral part of this interior decoration. It plays an essential role in transmitting this friendly and comforting atmosphere in simplicity.


If you want to update your home, we can advise you!

Place a plaid rolled up against the armrest of your sofa. The ideal aesthetic to create a little cocoon in your living room are neutral and pure colors in beige, white, taupe, black ... We also recommend if you want to add a little design touch to your room ... to spread a plaid on your bed as a bed linen. And to change colors, we also love the pastel pink and white which are very well suited in a room where you want to fall asleep.

We recommend plaids from Maisons du Monde like the white plaid with white and beige bangs and also those from Les Galeries Lafayette like the Bianca plaid from Madura.

Don't hesitate and try the plaid for your home.