The sunny days are back! The days are getting longer and we're enjoying more and more time outdoors. With this nice weather, it's time to share with you an activity we love to do in the summer. If you are a fan of the 7th art or if you simply want to enjoy a nice summer evening while relaxing in front of a classic movie, you must try an outdoor movie session!

These sessions are organized every year between July and September. The program includes short films and masterpieces from the history of cinema that you can admire under a starry sky. So whether you are a fan of classic movies, old black and white films or comedies, you are bound to find an open air cinema made for you among the multitude that is in Paris.


What could be better than getting together with friends in a park and watching a good movie with popcorn? Here are some of our favorite places to watch movies in the open air in Paris.

First of all, we recommend the open-air cinema of La Villette in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The access is totally free and the place is ideal to have a picnic with friends. To be comfortable in front of the huge screen in the lawn, we recommend you to come with a deckchair or a blanket. The program of this cinema is more incredible from year to year. On the bill, films known and unknown to the general public, but also great classics of French and international cinema. Note that all films are shown in their original version with French subtitles.

If you want to be immersed in an American atmosphere, we advise you to go to the Air and Space Museum on the periphery of Paris. There, you will find a mythical American-style drive-in with numerous foodtrucks allowing you to have a little food break. With this cinema, you can enjoy a nice movie from your car, followed by a DJ set included with the cinema ticket.

We strongly recommend these open-air cinemas where you can relax with your partner or friends in a park with a good movie.