In the 18th arrondissement of Paris, between the metro stops Guy Moquet and Jules Joffrin, there is a unique bakery. Indeed, B.O.U.L.O.M, Boulangerie Où L’On Mange in French, translates to a Bakery where we eat. The storefront of the bakery gives no indication of what is hidden in the back of the shop.

To discover the well kept secrets of Julien Duboué, do not hesitate to go to the back of the shop and pass in front of some bred ovens. It is the only way to reach a stunning self-serve buffet full of good products and especially delicious specialties of the chef and French!


From the starters to the desserts, passing by the cheeses, everything is flavorful, delicate and most of all homemade and unlimited! It is a large choice that is offered to you.

During our last visit, we gave in for the homemade terrines and pâtés for the starters, and especially for the Chef Duboué’s specialty the braised beef ribs, cooked in the bred oven. A real delight!

For the desserts, they are signed by Matthieu Dalmais. Between the fruity and chocolaty desserts, everyone can fill their sweet tooth at this buffet. Do not forget that B.O.U.L.O.M is originally a bakery, so do not hesitate to taste the perfectly baked sourdough bread.

Do not miss to discover this Parisian spot which will fill your taste buds and your eyes!

Crédit photo: @b.o.u.l.o.m