Opened only recently and located in the Tokyo Palace, the restaurant Bambini with its Italian fervor keeps on making news and being popular...!

An address that has quickly become fashionable, and even more appreciated during the arrival of the beautiful summer days when an aperitiva atmosphere reigns on its "terrazza"!

It's a real “trattoria”, a popular traditional Italian restaurant that hat has taken hold in Paris. But why is there so much excitement about this restaurant?

Of course, we know that there is no shortage of Italian addresses in the capital... However, we have the feeling that this one plunges us as soon as we arrive into the folkloric universe of the famous boot as we know it: "festive, colorful and theatrical"!

The place, we feel good, we can contemplate a noble and warm decor, by its marble, by the quality of its fabrics, by the choice of its furniture...


Do you feel the need to escape, to clear your mind? Or a need to laugh out loud?

For us, Bambini is a place of sharing, sparkling and friendly, which lends itself to welcoming friends, families, and even colleagues in a festive atmosphere.

In addition to the interior of the restaurant which is a total immersion, the exterior with the terrace on the square of the Palace offers a beautiful view on the Eiffel Tower and on the best sunsets to sip cocktails and typical wines of the country.

And if we tell you that we really feel like traveling when we are there, it is also for the cuisine which is gourmet and exquisite (according to our taste buds!).

Find in your plate all the dishes that have always made the reputation of Italian gastronomy: pizze, pasta, cichetti...

We recommend:

To accompany your glass of Spritz on the terrace, nothing better than the famous crispy risotto croquettes with string cheese or a creamy burrata!

For the choice of dish, the homemade pizzas are baked directly in a traditional and custom-made oven. The cooking in this oven gives character to the pizzas and gives them well inflated edges for the most greedy! Our little tasty tip: save a few edges to bathe them in olive oil and salt...!

And of course, no surprise, pasta, especially pasta with truffles or with scampi!