Amélie joined the Inwood team in August 2019. Our Inwood Lover is an assistant manager at Le Tourville and Le Walt Hotels. In this article, Amélie tells us about her recent crush for the Treize au jardin restaurant.

Amélie recommends the friendly restaurant Treize au jardin

In the 6th arrondissement, you will find the restaurant Treize au jardin run by native Americans and Swedish women. With its perfect location in front of the Luxembourg garden, Treize au jardin offers a selection of dishes prepared with local and organic products, served in a bucolic and warm setting. Every day, you will have the opportunity to taste their famous brunch with a choice of Benedict eggs, tasty cakes...

Our Inwood Lover first discovered Treize au jardin during a walk in the Luxembourg district. She tells us: "I discovered Treize au jardin when I was looking for a place to have brunch. I was immediately seduced by the warm, rural setting of the place. Amélie was charmed by this restaurant which offered her a break from the hustle and bustle of Paris during a brunch.

"What I particularly like is the relaxation and the change of surroundings that this place offers"

Our Inwood Lover recommends this place for "being able to 'travel' through this meal". Indeed, many dishes of Anglo-Saxon origin are served here, such as brownie or scones: "the carrot cake is to die for! ».  She confides to us: "the immersion is all the greater as the welcome and service is in English, if you feel comfortable enough to exchange ideas, of course".

Amélie was totally seduced by this charming and exotic place: "What I particularly like is the relaxation and the change of surroundings that this place imposes. It's nice to be able to have your coffee in front of the Luxembourg Gardens, hear English spoken and lose yourself in remembering that we are in Paris. »

When you ask our Inwood Lover who she'd recommend Treize au jardin... She answers: "with friends, family, lovers or even solo".