Laura joined the Inwood adventure over four years ago. Our Inwood Lover is a housekeeper at our hotels Le Tourville and Le Walt. In this article, Laura shares with you her love for the blazer jacket.

Laura recommends the blazer jacket, a must-have in your wardrobe

The blazer jacket is nowadays a timeless piece of the wardrobe. Originally, this jacket was designed for men, but women have incorporated it into their wardrobe since 1920 with the great era of the famous Gabrielle Chanel. This piece can be worn all year long without any problems; it goes with many outfits! You have the possibility with this trendy piece to create various and feminine styles: from chic to rock outfits!

Laura recommends you the blazer jacket that she particularly likes. She tells us: "I like to wear this type of jacket every day, it goes with everything!". During her trip to Disney with the Inwood team, our Inwood Loveuse wore a green blazer jacket that suited her perfectly: a stylish outfit for any occasion!

"I like to find blazers in different colours! They bring vitality to my outfits!”

Laura confides us her favourite blazer jacket: "My favourite blazer jacket is this water green jacket from Asos. It's classic in shape, but its colour brings the original side!”

Our Inwood Loveuse recommends wearing blazer jackets in the following colours: "Yellow, orange, pink, green: have fun! ». Among the wide choice that exists, you will find THE piece that suits you!

Did our Inwood Loveuse make you want to shop a blazer jacket? Visit the Asos website, you will find what you are looking for...