For this Lovers' favourite, we went to meet Laëtitia, a breakfast waitress at the Tourville Hotel and the Walt Hotel. In this article, she invites us to discover the Bistrot des Antiquaires, a bistro in the 7th arrondissement known for its delicious cuisine and vintage atmosphere.

Laëtitia loves the Bistrot des Antiquaires

This bistro is ideally located on the left bank of Paris, a stone's throw from the Musée d'Orsay. It offers a delicate and sophisticated cuisine that pleases its clientele of regulars and tourists. On the menu, this restaurant offers a wide range of typical French dishes such as snails or onion soup.

Laëtitia discovered this place during her "special day" when she had the chance to do a shoot in Paris with the Inwood team. Indeed, she had the opportunity to pose on the restaurant's beautiful Parisian terrace while enjoying a tasty drink. She tells us how glad she was and exclaims: "I really loved this place and especially the hot chocolate".

"I will recommend it to everyone, my friends, my family, my entourage".

Our Inwood Lover tells us about the real crush she had on the Bistrot des Antiquaires. She cheerfully tells us "I loved everything: the place, the decoration, the service". She keeps the address preciously in mind in order to "go back there with her husband and friends" when the occasion arises.

Laëtitia also appreciates this bistro for its typically Parisian and very cliché decoration. She exclaims "it's the real Parisian terrace". Moreover, inside, you can discover a refined decoration with the look of antique shops, with leather benches, big mirrors and furniture. You'll be even more impressed by the imposing solid wood bar in the middle of the restaurant!

Laëtitia recommends this bistro for the service it offers, thanks to the friendly and smiling waiters. She confides to us: "I would recommend it to everyone, my friends, my family, my entourage".

Don't wait any longer to go and taste a creamy hot chocolate in this Parisian bistro, after which you can go and visit the Musée d'Orsay located a few steps away!