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A fresh and natural makeup

As a great lover of beauty products, I am turning more and more towards products with shades that enhance the natural colours of my face to realise a fresh and natural make-up. No doubt you've heard about this new trend of using subtle shades rather than coloured shadows and vibrant lipsticks: a make-up that pleases and suits everyone. So how do you create a fresh and natural make-up look?

I like to have my essentials every day to do my make-up quickly. First of all, for my face, I use a fluid foundation by Terry, a concealer by Tarte and a pretty pink blush by Charlotte Tilbury. The foundation is the main step for a perfect fresh and natural makeup. It is important to work it well and select the right shades. For the eyes, I recommend doing something simple like applying a mascara Le Volume of Chanel and adding a touch of bright, eye-shadow on your lids. The final touch: a discreet pink lipstick in a "rose bergamasque" shade by Yves Saint Laurent. Very trendy nowadays, simple and effective make-up gives a glows and stylish look.

White sneakers

A real must-have for any wardrobe: white sneakers! Timeless, always fashionable, it's simple, you can wear them with anything. Goodbye to the days when sneakers were only for sportsmen and women! Today, sneakers can be worn for any occasion. Sober, chic and casual, you can wear them with jeans, a dress, a skirt or dungarees to the office. It's trendy and comfortable so go for it!

This winter, try this season's must-have! You can go for the basic and famous Stan Smith from Adidas. Looking for more originality? The items come in a range of colours, materials, sequins, prints... I love the Bons Baisers de Paname brand and their fancy creations! I recently fell in love with these pretty sneakers with velcro and their nice words.

Tweed prints

Tweed prints are making a comeback this winter! Both chic and classic, tweed is essential in this autumn-winter season. This weaving is ideal for dressing, in addition to being warm, it allows you to add texture to your outfit. 

Tweed was once worn by Scottish and Irish farmers as work clothing to fight against cold and humidity. He kept this "practical" function for several decades but in 1954, thanks to Coco Channel, the fabric appeared in a new light! Today, combined with leather, vinyl or jeans, the fabric does not wrinkle. 

The little tweed jacket is one of the highlights of my wardrobe. I like to wear it with a white male t-shirt and sneakers to break the classic style. I also recently discovered a nice tweed jacket at Sandro store, discover it here

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