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Since the beginning of April, the Albert Kahn Museum has opened its doors to the public after years of work and renovation. Today, the museum has a new setting in which Albert Kahn's collections are on display.

Albert Kahn was a French banker and philanthropist who chose to put his fortune at the service of knowledge and the diffusion of knowledge. Thus, this museum is dedicated to the conservation, diffusion and promotion of the works of its owner. It is a place of education where debate and exchange raise public awareness of social and societal issues.

The museum houses the "Archives of the Planet" collection, which was created by Albert Kahn between 1909 and 1931. In total, you can discover 72,000 colour photographs on autochrome plates, the largest collection of its kind in the world.

Each year, there are temporary exhibitions in this museum which focus on a country, a region or a city. The idea is to take you on a journey through photography.


To accompany the museum, a magnificent garden of 4 hectares has been completely renovated. Albert Kahn was passionate about plants, so there are 6 different gardens of different styles in the museum. If you are a garden lover, we recommend you to visit the museum. You can walk through 7 different landscape scenes.

We recommend the Japanese Village. This part of the garden has been entirely designed by Japanese artists. You will discover a traditional teahouse with typical houses transported from Japan. You can wander through the small alleys of this harmonious and colourful garden.

In the same spirit, you can continue your visit to the Contemporary Japanese Garden, a tribute to the life and work of Albert Kahn. There is a red bridge that contrasts perfectly with the colours of the flowers and the water.

In a completely different universe, we recommend that you visit the French garden. There is a pretty white greenhouse surrounded by rose bushes, fruit trees and flower beds. This part of the garden contrasts with the Vosges garden, a wild-looking forest of birch and cedar trees.

If you are looking for a change of scenery, we recommend a visit to the gardens and the Albert-Kahn museum.

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